Will Atwood Mitchell

Some projects.

Electronic Art

I periodically create audio installations for Sound Scene at the Hirshhorn. From past years:

Photos by Amy Rankin
Photo by Amy Rankin

Simon Sings is a Simon game that has been bent into a theremin using an arduino and the Mozzi synthesizer library. The "buttons" of modern Simons are capacitive touch pads. With an arduino in the mix, they can be adjusted to register hand movements up to a foot away.

Photo by Amy Rankin

Sonic Twister is a Twister board hooked up to a sequencer implemented in Sonic Pi. Pressure pads sense the placement of hands and feet, triggering beats and melodies that merge into an original composition. As more people step onto the board, a permutation of the song builds to a crescendo:

Photo by Amy Rankin


Bao Bao Climbing a Rainbow, a cross stitch pattern.
Available on GitHub.

Small but useful websites


The Stack Report


I built the publishing system for Longform, and I'm currently a software engineer at Freedom.